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Too lazy to crow today...

Baby needing further encouragement…

Filed under: Words to the wise — bob at 9:06 pm on Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hmm, turns out the baby has not listened to the subtle threat of the ‘baby mallet’ and has decided it doesn’t want to turn, boo!

This is not good as it means things might happen sooner rather than later for the arrival – and it may need special medical intervention in the way of a c-section.byrds65_ed_c.jpg

Looks like I’m gonna need to entice it to turn round, maybe by getting Jo to hold a saucer of milk in her lap or making offhand promises of I’ll be a good dad and not embarrass it on birthdays and such like.

Time to play some Byrds to the bump, “tis the season, turn, turn, turn…”

The baby making saga continues…

Filed under: Words to the wise — bob at 7:33 pm on Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ok things are still going swimmingly with the baby making. We went to the baby doctor the other day and as he was doing the examination exclaimed ‘Oh you little monkey!’ as the baby kicked him.Baby Mallet

I looked at Jo, and she at me, and thought ‘Monkey? must be something recessive from your side of the family!!!’

He also mentioned the baby was not in the correct position yet for launch and may need some manual manovering to get the baby pointing true.

I suggested to Jo later that we could get a baby mallet and tap it round but she was having none of that, oh well lets hope the baby sorts its stuff out over the next few weeks

stay tuned…

With a little help from your friends

Filed under: Words to the wise — bob at 8:21 am on Monday, August 14, 2006

Just last weekend we were given a needed helping hand by some friends to get the house a little more shipshape in preparation for the baby – thanks we needed that.

Talking about a helping hand Jo has found an easier way to go for a walk now in the form of a very energetic labrador named Jack. She lets him tow her up all the nice steep hills around about and feels all fit and energetic.

That’s all for now…

Nocturnal Activities

Filed under: Words to the wise — bob at 9:38 am on Friday, August 11, 2006

moreporkimage2.jpgBecause of Jo’s pregnancy I get to learn more about what goes on in the wee , and I do mean wee hours when I’m normally (happily) asleep. Just last night I was woken to learn that a Morepork (Ruru) was trilling out it’s mating call somewhere in the back yard.

Imagine my surprise to learn that I was now awake. But worse now my mind was thinking – ‘ a Morepork, surely not’ – but then Jo mimic’s it’s lowing cry ‘More-pork’ a few times. Now I am awake thinking about native birds, trying to remeber the Maori name for it, internally thanking Karori Wildlife Sanctuary for protecting such birds etc…

All of which was making me miss out on blissful sleep

Oh well I guess it is practice for when the nightly call will be more like ‘waa-waa’ though I would hope getting extra sleep now would help for the days of sleep drought. Maybe that was what I was doing during University days – storing up the snoring

Oh well too tired to type more …

The mind is willing but the body is weak…

Filed under: Words to the wise — bob at 9:07 am on Tuesday, August 8, 2006

One of the more interesting things I’ve found with Jo’s pregnancy is she still thinks she is as spritely as she was before baby took up residence.

So in her mind going for a walk should be an easy task – but oh no, those mole hills become mountains, those short streets become long highways and the need for ‘just a quick rest’ becomes more and more the norm.

Now tasks as simple as getting out of bed, dressing in the morning are becoming a two person job. And because bending down is an option not on the menu anymore, things that tend to be dropped accidentally like the TV remote, cutlery, food etc… stay down until I can get to them. Kinda like following a Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb trail through the house.

Took the baby to the movies the other day, it didn’t like the sound of machine gun fire – was all kicking about inside – good to know it has a healthy abhorance to weapons of mass destruction already.

that’s about it for now… more later

First (and probably the last) post for the blog

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Oh yeah – everyone else has got one so why not, eh?

Prominately displaying the bump! Ok need to make a blog so the interested parties can find out all about the impending newborn after it arrives.

Ok I know the newborn has been impending for quite awhile now but hey, you know, these things take time all right!
This blog will take the writings/musings as they happen. So will contain the intersting things, like babies first nappy rash, or baby is now asleep, or baby is trying to pull my hair etc… and will be written up for prosperity (hopefully to alarm the baby when they are old enough to care).

So hopefully there will be some interesting things added here soon – oh yes very interesting things I can assure you.
But for now the wee bairn is still on the slow cook in the oven (see photo for baby’s current location) and will still need some ‘preparing for the world’ time.

Ok that’s enough for a first go I recon – I promise there will be a 2nd post honest.