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New Baby has arrived

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Amalie and HelenaHi everyone, our new baby has arrived and her name is Helena  (pronounced he-LANE-a), she was born on Tuesday 24th August and weighed 3.66kg. She is doing great and her sister, sorry that is her BIG sister is loving giving her hugs and kisses all the time.

Jo and Bob are doing fine also despite the lack of decent sleep available.

Have now added some images to the gallery of Helena

Amalie’s trip to Auckland

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image1.jpgAmalie was able to tag along with her mum and dad to Auckland last month which was very lucky as they decided to go to a very exciting place called the Auckland Zoo!

She was so excited seeing all the animals that she hasn’t stopped talking about it ever since. She tends to wake up from a nap saying “…and there were monkies, and rhinos, and penguins…”

So here are a few pics/vids of Amalie in Auckland

Amalie is two now

Filed under: Words to the wise — bob at 8:36 am on Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally putting up some more stuff about Amalie. She had her 2nd birthday party at Te Papa. She had a lot of fun with her friends playing dress up and eating a lot of sugar filled cake. Here are some photos and a video to watch, enjoy.


Amalie went to Cate’s birthday party

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Amalie went out to her friend Cate’s birthday party and ate sugar and played with balloons.

All the party girls 

Amalie’s Holiday

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p1000432.jpgAmalie decided to go play in the fun and sun of the Coromandel Peninsula for the holidays.

She had a great time with all her ‘daddy’s (as she called everyone, even mummy). She became less afraid of the sea, had fun in the sand, ran around madly everywhere and was generally spoiled for attention. She went to Cooks Beach, Whitianga to hang out and relax with the Hendy and Moyle folks, Whangamata to see Emma, Gene and Leo. She also went to Waihi to see her great Granddad Albert and Joyce.

Some photos of her can be seen in the gallery, well only a few as her parents were quite slack in taking photos.

There is also one of her going to the fairy dell in Wellington

Amalie’s 1st birthday

Filed under: Words to the wise — bob at 11:55 am on Tuesday, November 20, 2007

image1.jpgAmalie finally got to have her birthday after delays for attending a wedding and then becoming ill.

We all trooped down to Wilton Bush picnic area where Amalie proceeded to tear about all over the place showing off her walking skills.

She then showed everyone the right (or maybe wrong) way to eat a cupcake.

She enjoyed opening all her presents, and she says a big thank you (which sounds like ‘dah!’ coupled with finger pointing) to all that attended.

Some more Amalie photos are now available to view – though not many of the birthday as Amalie’s foolish parents forgot their camera. So if anyone has some images can they send them through please as that would be much appreciated.

Long minky time, no minky see

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Finally I get round to putting up some more stuff about Amalie.

So she has grown like topsy and is getting more active by the day. She has perfected her special ‘golem’ crawl and so is now shuffling around the lounge and hallway. This has meant we’ve had to find new places for a lot of stuff.

She is now onto eating all manner of interesting foods, though in a non interesting , all mashed together, sort of way.

And now that she is getting used to faces and people more she tends to cry if you leave mid game. And then cry again on your return.

Some more pics in the gallery

Video of Amalie moving about

Video of Amalie moving in for close up

More minky for the masses

Filed under: Words to the wise — bob at 6:57 pm on Saturday, June 2, 2007

Here is some more video of Amalie (minky) foryour enjoyment:

Filling the demand

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As people keep requesting that I post more of Amalie here is some more



Gotta keep the fans happy …

Wriggling and happy

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Here are a couple of videos of the irrepressible Amalie.

Now that she is on solids she has even more energy to burn!

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